Server updates 17.2.2019


* add 9v9 Auto Event
* item auction in community board
* votereward .getreward
* .cfg - demage screen
* Augment Shop
* Save port only for premium accounts
* Offline buffers store in clan halls
* dd Dlvl,/ lvl up in community board
* Premium Buffer with enchanted buffs – only for premium

rev. 17925/2153
* You cannot manage sub-classes while participating in Pvp events;
* Do not restore the effects at the end of the duel, if the sub-class was somehow changed;
* Fixed bonus of the chance to loot and spoils premium account;
* Ignore project idea files;
* Builder cosmetics;
* Fix installer;
* Fix of NPE;
* We are gradually introducing a new flag system;
* Fix NPE when sending packets;
* Fix display of the fines of the clan. 1. Added Russian localization; 2. Take into account configs on penalties clan when displaying the end date of the penalty;
* Cosmetics sending HTML dialogs;
* Fixed service: service of the Seven Seals Pushkin;
* Fix service Item-Broker on search vendors;
* Fix quest " Quest cooperation with Nicolas"
* Fixed service seven petite have Taurine and Pushkina;
* Fix rollback skill. For some reason, the base rollback was 5000, not 0!?!?!;
* Fixed the restore function of the character. Now the character will teleport to its starting location;
* Fix the "Region" page template in the community;
* Fix checks on the establishment of a command channel;
* Fix verification of employment port when booting the server;
* Fix long HTML work in community;
* Fix extra checks in AI RB;
+ Added the use of bypass of the new system through the community;
* Refactoring;
* Redesigned custom message storage;
* Events (event engine) can now be loaded from scripts;
+ Added support for many new languages;
* Extend the functionality of the engine events year branch;
* Made handler event-admin team in scripts;
* Extend the functionality of the engine events year branch;
* Updated repository of bypass solutions to version Year branches;
* Gradually updating the loader scripts to version Year branches;
+ Added annotations for loading and initializing scripts;
+ Added annotation for download of bypass solutions with scripts;
* Extend the functionality of the event engine;
+ Implemented walker route's (SuperPoint) in Npc;
+ Implemented randonnee actions from Npc list;
+ AI Npc is placed in a separate class which inherit only AI Npc;
* Redesigned, improved and optimized inviz system;
+ Begin to move the storage of the status flag characters with Year branches;
* Updated RB Gordon fully on offu;
+ Added and implemented AI event: EVT_DELETE;
+ Added and implemented AI event: EVT_TELEPORTED;
+ Added and implemented AI event: EVT_SEE_CREATURE;
+ Added and implemented event AI: EVT_DISAPPEAR_CREATURE;
+ Added and implemented event AI: EVT_FINISH_WALKER_ROUTE;
* Expanding the functionality of AI;
+ Introduced undying flag for Pvp events;
* Extend the functionality of the event engine;
* Fixed package ValidateLocationPacket, which caused horrible discomfort due to the fact that he had no ID and was sent a completely left-wing packages;
* Afflic the order of packet target;
* Optimization of packet in the capture of targets in the target;
* Fix eternal fall from a height;
* Fixed twitching of the character and NPC in the movement;
* Reworked validiate the position of the character offs;
* Optimization;
* Fixed the work of GK;
* A large clan emblem can be installed without the presence of a castle or KKH;
* Fix loading clans;
* Updated libraries;
- Get rid of the old HTML formatting;
* Convert HTML dialogs to normal HTML format;
* Cosmetic;

rev. 17694/2036

+ Implemented the ability to specify the date of sieges in Cron (extended);
* Optimization of tables castle, clanhallm fortress; - removed irrelevant config;
* Pakeke;
* Cosmetic;
+ Implemented support for Velocity variables;
+ Added damage support on the screen of the Guard protection module;
* Singh;
* Work on GoD fashion;
* Fix entry to the game on the character who sits in the offline trade;
* Reworked Correction z coordinates: if there is no lower layer below us, then take the top, which will fix the failure under the texture;
* The algorithm of spawn point search in the location is completed. Monsters will no longer spawn in the ground, in the ceiling, in the walls, etc.;
* When assigning coordinates to an object, check the z coordinates by GEODATA, if necessary;
* Fix teleport via Shift+Click;
* Fixed the limit of weight for offs;
* Fixed work monster patrols in Loa;
* Fix operation wandering monsters in Loa (Knorke etc.);
* Fixed twitching of monsters when you attack it out of inviza;
* Rewritten search algorithm spawn point in the location. Monsters will no longer spawn in the ground, in the ceiling, in the walls, etc.;
* Fix skila 1400
* Cosmetics return monsters 'home' Offa;
* Fix any recent fresh buffs associated with the behavior of the monsters and their attack;
* Fix sharpening Non-grade through the community, if it is not included in the configs;
+ Added Start Pack
* Fix the immortality of Zaken;
* Fix attack a patrol of monsters (Cnoris, etc.) in the Lair of Antharas;
* Fixed caching of images in the Assembly. Now you can use images of any size;
* Fix skila 3646
* Fix a bug where the player is not thrown from the instance when relog;
+ Patch in systems
+ Added NPC and spawn, a title when creating a Chara
* Correct description of the new config in the community;
* sync with main branch;
* Work on the server
+ Kommuniti added otobrazhenie current online;
* Fixed the entrance to the instance (138) Mithril Mines quest (10284) Acquision Of Divine Sword;
* Correction of the position of the object Z coordinates that fixes spawn NPCs and objects in the ground;
* Another attempt to fix the shooting floorceiling;
* Fixed zeroing the floorceiling;
* Fix of flight and movement in spectator mode;
* Fix the teleport up / down using the admin panel;
* Fixed 'Target is not visible' if the target or the attacker stands near the wall;
* Fix the movement in the water;
* The distance is stored in int and not in long;
* Updated spawn in the instance of Frintezza on offs;
* Fix NPE when initializing epic bosses;
* Code optimization service sharpening in kommuniti;
+ Added config to globally disable features custom kommuniti;
+ Implemented the ability to specify the price of sharpening for each grade separately in the community services;
+ Implemented sharpening service in the community;
+ The input service PC coupon for kommuniti;
* Fixed PvPPK English localization in kommuniti;
* Work on correcting sharpening under Year mod;
* Fix spawn point after death on a Primeval Island;
* Cosmetics configs;
+ Added input service PC coupon kommuniti;
+ Added admin command '/ / generate_pc_coupons [COUNT] [TYPE] [VALUE] ' to generate PC coupons;
* Expanding the functionality of the PC coupon system;
* Rewritten offs for optimized system PC coupons;
* Rewritten and optimized system variables players;
+ Added admin command //forge to debug server-side packages;
+ Added config for setting zones where private trading is allowed;
* Extending the functionality of the skill tree engine;
* Fix compilation;
* Fix teleport through community;
* Fix Sets Of Armor
* Fix: 'Comparison method violates its general contract!';
* Fix Teleport 6 floor TOI
* Optimized the configuration of the connect database;
* Added support for MySQL 8;
* Fix skill 1400
* Fix skills 6862,6863