Server update 18405


rev. 18405/2356

* Updated NPC Remy in the Village of Talking Island, now it uses a new route system;
* Fixed the work of the save sets in buff kommuniti;
* Fixed the work of the GM shop for adena;
* Cosmetics of the interface of the ban;
- Got rid of RunnableImpl;
* Redesigned thread Manager, now correctly displays thread errors and you can freely use lambda expressions to create a task;
+ Go to the new advanced system of custom messages;
+ Implemented the interface for the new system of ban;
+ Implemented by storing the IP address of the player;
+ Added logging of the new system of bans;
* Added a message about rathbane chat at the expiration time of the ban or rabbane admin;
* If you remove the pers, deleted the old table of bans;
* Cosmetics reports of bath chat. Now write on time and date razbana;
* Fixed character ban display when selecting characters;
* Optimization of the previous kommentov;
+ Added a new system of bans in the game server;
+ Implemented commands for the bananbana accounts,SP,XviD,players,chat login and game servers;
* Refactoring and optimization of the new ban system;
* Cache the login server bans to the game server;
+ Implemented the ban the login-server by HWID;
* When the bath account, specifying the period -1, the ban will be perpetual;
+ Implemented a complete system to ban username/IP/HWID-level login server';
* When the bath through the base (via a new system or through access_level) in the time specified in the config file the login server automatically kick players from the game;
+ Implemented a new ban system at the login server level;
* Changed chance of spawn mobs in Forge of Gods
* Cosmetic;
* Cosmetics dialogues of the Tomb of the Four Spirits;
* Refactoring;
* Fix the work of the Tomb of the Four Spirits;
* Cosmetics and optimization of the Tomb code of the Four Spirits;
* Cosmetics of Russian dialogues;
* Optimization Of The Tomb Of The Four Spirits;
* Migrated table four_sepulchers_spawnlist in XML;
* Fixed rewards for votes;
* Fix rebirth system;
* Cleaning NPC from obsolete parameters;