Server update 18260


rev. 18260/2297

* Finally fixed problem with door GEODATA generation;
* Fix of using CP potions by ACP system when character has 0% cp;
* Fix the change of heading during casting skills and attacking. Before the optical position of a character not sootvetsvovalo of fact, in the caste;
* When you change sub class cancel castes and attack. Otherwise, you could dupaty buffssummons other subs;
* At the end of download game servers beep (useful for tests);
* Fixed a glitch, when visually, they were open and in the closed GEODATA;
* Fixed work skill (1439) Curse of Divinity;
+ Added config to disable certification skill learning requirement to take next;
* Cosmetics autochina;
* Fix the HTML of buffer.;
* Community cosmetics;
* Optimized buffer code in community;
* Made basic sets of buffs and buffs of the settings in data/bbs_buffs.xml;
* Changed storing sets of buffs the player in a database;
* Fixed buttons in the buffer kommuniti when they worked through again;
* Fix character creation;
* Fix adding sub-classes;
* Rewritten and optimized storage of sub-classes of players;
* Fix of augmentation of S84 objects;
* Podkorektirovan dialogue 184 quest
* Cosmetics of buffer.;
* Fix display of jewelry with donning;
* If the monster can't find the way 'home' then teleport it home, which fixes the problem of not being able to attack the monster while it returns 'home';
* Improved TWT event;
+ Implemented team .epic to check the status of epics;
+ Added config to disable class battles;
* Improved settings scrolls sharpening. Now it is possible to do more flexible adjustment of chances of sharpening;
* Updated chances of sharpening weapons and armor by offs;
+ Made hardcod stones sharpening in datapac;
* The number of crystals during crystallization depends on the level of sharpening (offline);
* The number of crystals when you fail sharpening depends on the level of sharpening (afflic);
* Fix work drop in DJ -;
* Code optimization;
* Critical fix of GEODATA engine;
* Fixed display of timely augmentation of the character;
* Fixed a timely display of sharpening the character;
* Fix service for the sale of augmentations, inserted varitions in a mixed order, which did not display the effect of augmentation;
* Optimization headpiece;
* Fixed the use of doors in GEODATA, there were failures due to incorrect work in multithreading;
* Fixed the zeroing gates, and the siege of the walls after the recent fixes. Now when you spawn doorswalls arrayed in GEODATA full wall depending on door height;
* Fix work quest (195) Seven Signs - Secret Ritual of the Priests;
+ Added parameter to have skills reuse_skill_id that allows different skills to install a rollback;
+ Implemented stat RUN_SPEED_LIMIT for setting the limit of running;
* Small cosmetics clearance kommuniti;
* Fix and cosmetics voting is;
+ Added ability to disable language selection;
* Community buffer cosmetics;
* Cosmetics team .acp;
* Improved system auto-recovery of HP/MP/CP. Added visual interface, and added a global button to turn off the system;
* Refactoring;
* Cosmetics komissionki kommuniti;
+ Implemented a service to improve the level of the character in the community;
+ Implemented service lowering the level of the character in the community;
+ Implemented sales tools augmentati in kommuniti;
* Buffer cosmetics in the community;
+ Added ability to add buffs for Premium account in the community buffer;
+ Added ability to enable saving teleports in community only for Premium Account;
* Community cosmetics;
* Fix splash damage display (SGuard module);
* Cosmetics download sub-classes when you enter the game;
- !!! ATTENTION!!! Removed old voting machines to encourage players to vote in ratings;
+ Implemented a system of awards for voting in ratings. Support ratings:,,,,;
- Cleaning;
* Cosmetic;
* Optimization;