L2 Epidos Server x5

EXP x5 / SP x5 / ADENA x10 / DROP x5 / SPOIL x5 / NPC BUFFER

Grand Opening 5.7.2019


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Derar Players,

we worked hard on our project, to become be the best Low-Rate Server with NPC BUFFER !
Don´t be afraid to invest your time to playing on our server as well will be online and thriving
strong for very long time ! We invested our love and passion for lineage into this project to
provide to you with perfect server, that is L2Epidos Server !Enjoy playing on L2Epidos free to
play server and let us know, if you have any suggestions.

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Server x20 is onlien

Dear Players, we are appologize for delay 30minutes
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Party/Clan/CC PvP Tournament

Party/Clan/CC PvP Tournament - start every friday at 21:00 PM GMT +2

Briefly about the event:

Registration is made by 2-4-16-32 parties and are having random battle between them.
Winners continue to the next round and loosers are getting out.
And until there's one absolute winner, every winner gets a price.

Detailed review:

1. Every party leader can register its party if every creteria is made correct. (everything can be configured).
2. The start of the tournament is like we use to have, everybody is teleported to the jail, players sit, we spawn the NPC manager that maintain the the event. He explains the players the rules and then ask 2 party to join the first fight. 3. Every party is teleported to a new instance when nobody can interfiere them. 4. If everybody is dead from the opposite team or on time lapse there were most players on one team, they conclude to be winners. 5. And every round until winners conclude.

Tournament specification:

1. NPC manager is telling the participating what's happening on the arena, who killed who and how.
2. The waiting players can observe the opponents battle with a special NPC
3. There's about 35 locations to battle, from simple death match arena to a labyrinth.
4. Everything is automatic.
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Server updates

rev. 17420

* Fix database update;
* Fix the movement buttons on the keyboard;
* Implement support 140 Protocol (optional);
* Fix zeroing of the prison variable when you enter the game;
* sync hi5;
* Fix multithreading in community buffer;
* Updated ratemobspawn config, now works with fractional numbers;
* Fixed save character in database at very high value of HP, MP;
* * Fix database installation;
* Fix opening chests
+ Added alert on PvP PK kill;
* Fixed compilation warnings in scripts;
* Redesigned RAID boss respawn alert;
+ Implemented an alert about the respawn epic boss;
+ Implemented notification of the RAID boss murder;
+ Implemented an alert about killing epic boss;
* Improved build Builder;
* Fix loading of Monticello;

rev. 17344/1918

* Formatting;
+ Added many new areas off of;
* Fixed fishing in Hot Springs;
* Fix when the character under firom ran into the wall;
* Freya Normal stage 3. mirror
+ Implemented storage system of murder history RB;
+ New custom buffer similar to community;
+ Implemented the ability to specify multiple multisells in a single file;
* To Fix The Beleth
* Fix attack of the walls at the siege of the castle;
* Cosmetics of attack of the doors;
* When checking the visibility of the target now take into account the radius of the target and the player;
* Fixed display position of the character by the client;
* Fully fixed movement under water and in the air;
* Fix attack targets underwater and in the air;
* It is possible to fix the hovering movement of the character when the continuation of the movement required to reset the target;
* Cosmetics //geo_grid now display pole squares;
* Under return Moba home, use the search for path;
* Fix jump to / from target to wall / texture;
* Fix when "Target is invisible" if the attacker and target are in the same geo-square;
* Fix "Target invisible" when geodate is turned off;
* Fix the movement in the water;
* Fix item 21707
* Fix nurse ant treatment (Queen Ant-Boss);
* Fix system of rebirth;
+ Added config to the maximum number of characters;
+ Added validation of appearance when creating a character;
+ Implemented custom system of rebirth;
* Cleared bindings, had a bunch of junk.
* Cosmetic;
* Fix of NPE;
* Changes in the INFO folder
+ Implemented a system of automatic database update when updating the server;
+ Added more extensive logging of objects;
* Code optimization;
- Code cleaning;
+ Implemented a service to remove the character's skills;

Rev. 17220/1883

* Refaktor of pacetti under 140 Protocol;
+ Branch Хи5 Year client;
* Fix studying multi-class forgot abilities;
* Fix previous commits;
+ Implemented system fences have of the staff;
* NPCs with GEODATA now able to move;
+ Implemented the ability to assign GEODATA to all NPCs;
+ Start of implementation of fences;
+ Added command to debug GEODATA //geo_grid;
* Expand the functionality of cron/;
* Save to the database the number of PC Bang points with each change, which will eliminate the dupes;
* Fix dupa PC Bang eyes;
* To previous commint;
* Fishing work fix;
* Cosmetic fixes headpiece;
* Optimization headpiece;
* Improved movement under water;
* Improved movement in the air;
* Fixed passage through the bottom of the water in locations that are under the given water area;
* Fix' clinging ' of the character to the bottom when swimming;
* Optimize previous commits;
* To previous commints;
* Cosmetics AI of the monsters: not departures whenever possible, to the character when he goes out of sight;
* Fixed absolutely any postrelease walls;
* Fixed absolutely any postrelease doors;
* Fixed deletion GEODATA door after death;
* You can now attack through the low hedgesthe hillsthe fences, taking into account the height of the attacker and the goal;
* Fix postrelease walls;
* Fix of 'thin' doors (with width = 0) which were not assigned GEODATA;
* Fix holes in the GEODATA in the closed doors through which you could run;
* Doors work fix;
* Fix compilation;
* Fix taken to run through the gate;
* Increased functionality Gematria in the Assembly (vycheslenie the nearest point on the perimeter, the center of the figure, etc.);
* When the door is closed, it is set to the middle coordinate of the closed door, which fixes the visual bug in the attackinteraction with the door;
+ Implemented command / / target_loc;
* When the attack is used GEODATA doors, now the doors cannot attack through walls;
* Fix attack NPC's through walls;
* Mastic fix of events;
* Skills are taught through forgot-books, learn on multiclasses now also dvoinym click;
* Fix the service of changing the floor in the English version of the community;
* Fixed CTF operation of the event;
* Fix multi-class learning supports;
* Translation Teleports Komyuniti
* Fix drop special item from monsters-Champions;
+ Implemented listener to add/remove effect;
+ Implemented a listener to add / remove skill;
+ Implemented a listener to addmodifydelete itema;
+ Implemented a global audience in the inventory;
* Fixed CtF event;
* Do not paralyze participants in TvT, Last Hero event, and just rotim so they can baptise before;
* Fix saving items in the table items_delayed;

[B][B]Rev 16958[/B][/B]

* Fix errors when sorting an agrolist;
* Fix Debate RB 78 the instant zone
* Cosmetics engine zones, do not send a message about entering/exiting the zone if we are still in the same zone (with the same message);
+ Added config in kommuniti to allow cancellation of non-cancelable buffs;
* * Fix multiprobe system;
* Fixed a visual display of hats;
* Fix autoattacks in case of non-compliance with the condition of using the skill;
- - Removed unnecessary check at sharpening skills;
* Max HP can not drop less than 1;
* * Fix of Anchor and Lightning Strike

[B][B]Rev 16926[/B][/B]

* Completed system subnet masks;
* Fix change the type of sharpening;
* Fix lower level of sharpening;
* Possible fix: the 'Comparison method violates its general contract!';
- Removed non-working config with the login server;
* Cosmetics batausahilesi Pets;
* Improved antiflood. Now the chat restriction can be specified for each type at the levels and type of account;
* * Fix multisell: Johnny - MajentaMoon;
* Stored more detailed information about game server to properly display the server after the restart;
* Update mysql libraries;
- Getting rid of the internal IP of the game server, for these purposes, now the mask;
- Cleaning of the login and game servers. Now update the login is necessary;
+ Implemented registration of a game server according to the key (Ala the old HEXID);
+ Implemented the ability to use a netmask (AdvIP);
* Fix display of server load;
+ Added the ability to disable the display of the server list if a server in the list one (to put directly onto the server);

[B][B]Rev 16887[/B][/B]

* Fix config work on maximum number of subs;
* CON affects HP regeneration;
* WIT affects MP regeneration;
* Fixed CtF event;
* Fixed event Last Hero;
* Fixed TvT event;
- Removed obsolete duplicate events;
* Optimization and correction of work TvT event;
* Optimization and correction of work event Last hero;
* Cosmetics configs at the event Last Hero;
+ Added in GM-shop in kommuniti Dynasty Weapon;
+ Added in GM-shop in kommuniti Jewelry Dynasty;
+ Added in GM-shop in kommuniti Armor Dynasty;
* Formatting and code cleanup events;
* Cosmetics for the issuance of awards at the event Last Hero;
+ Added option to set the interval at castle sieges;
* Validation if you change the class through the admin panel;
* Fixed work barrels in Place;

[B][B]Rev 16848[/B][/B]

* Fix quest Trial of the Master
* The chance of a cancellation effect when attacking Crete and put in the parameters of the skill;
* Configs Champions made in one place;
* The system offline baffa replaced the config of the list of prohibited buffs on the list razreshennykh buffs;
* Updated NPC AI (32049) Rooney - Blacksmith of Wind for offs;
* Fix active skills vitamin Pets;
* Fix vitamin Pets;
* Fix buffala and hilesi Pets;
* Work on the implementation afflic Vitamin Pets;
* Temporary fix of entrance to the citadel to Belet;
* Sort of settings NPC for easier editing;
* Fix drop eggs and books with RB;
+ Implemented item drops from Chests completely offs;
* Fixed display of drop Adena using Shift+Click;
* Fixed the work of statov rates from NPC;
* Fix drop rate from monsters;
? Implemented a new multi-class system;
* Changed configs to disable the consumption of item (books) when learning skills. Made the system more flexible;
* Updated licensing system;
* When locating. put randomly, heading;
* Fully completed multi-subclass;
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Server Info


EXP x20
SP x15
Adena x10
Drop chance x10
Spoil chance x10
RateRaidBoss x3
GroupDropItems x2
DropEpolets x5
QuestsDrop x2
QuestsRewardSp x3
QuestsRewardExp x15


Bufftime: 120mins
Max Buff: 20 + 4
Dances/Songs: 12


Max Enchant: +25
Safe Enchant: +4
Normal Scroll: 56% Chance
Blessed Scroll: 56% Chance


Attribute Stone: 30% Chance
Attribute Crystal: 25% Chance


Olypiad system chose every two weeks, on the 1st and 15th of every month.
Olympiad Arenas have HWID Protections to avoid players that play on same IP Adress.


AQ Resp: 24 Hours +/- 6 Hours
Antharas Resp: 10 Days +/- 8 Hours
Valakas Resp: 10 Days +/- 8 Hours
Baium Resp: 5 Days +/- 8 Hours
Beleth Resp: 20 Hours +/- 2 Hours
Epidos Resp: 20 Hours +/- 2 Hours
Sailren Resp: 24 Hours +/- 12 Hours


Request for Normal Freya = 6 Players
Request for Hard Freya = 8 Players
Request for Frintezza = 8 Players
Request for Zaken 83 Day = 6 Players
Request for Zaken 60 Day = 6 Players
Request for Zaken Nightly = 9 Players
Request for Tiat / Beleth = 8 Players

Description High Five part 5 - 99% full official content

- Full implementation of the content Epilogue> Freya> High Five Part 1-5.
- Siege of elite clan halls (absolutely accurate as on l2off).
- Fully implemented territorial battle (completely without flaws).
- The entire chain of epic quests (Epilogue + High Five).
- All new quests (Freya, High Five).
- All new skills (Freya, High Five).
- Item-Mall (100% confirm).
- Olympiad (High Five) - 100% implementation.
- Kratei Cube.
- Handy Blocker.
- Auction of things.
- Underground Coliseum.
- All data (NPC, pets, characters, items, etc.) correspond to the official server.
- Seed of Destruction, Seed of Infinity, Seed of Annihilation.
- Epic bosses: Beleth, Freya (entire chain of quests, hard step, normal step), Zaken (All species dnenvnoy, night, etc.).
- Hellbound fully corresponds to the official server.
- All new locations (Watcher of Tomb, Dragon Valley, Lair of Antharas).
- Squad-skills clans.
- Work items option (Olf's T-Shirt, etc.).
- Works Energy Agathion.

And, ofcourse, we can continue on and on, what is working, a week won't be enough to describe...
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Server Info

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